post-Palaeolithic rock art of the Italian peninsula

Apennines Rock Art

The post-Palaeolithic artistic record of the Italian Peninsula south of the Alps

Riparo di San Bartolomeo II (Abruzzo)

Riparo di Sant’Onofrio (Abruzzo)

Riparo di Pale (Umbria)

Grotta Pazienza (Apulia)

Riparo di Grotti (Latium)

The Apennines

The Apennines, the backbone of the Italian peninsula, are a mountain range extending 1,200 km from north to south, from Piedmont to Calabria. Although less elevated than the Alps, the Apennines are incredibly intricate, composed of a dense network of watercourses, gorges, intermontane basins, lakes, marshy areas, and high peaks.

The Rock Art

Since prehistoric times, the Apennines have served as a prolific setting for interactions among the social groups that populated the Mediterranean. Consequently, the post-Palaeolithic rock art of this area is intertwined with the contemporary traditions of the Mediterranean region, particularly with Schematic rock art.

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