Grotta del Tesoro rock art site

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Grotta del Tesoro rock art site

Paintings 3 in black colour
Engravings none
Site dimensions not provided
Site orientation North-East
Site altitude a.s.l. 1050m

Grotta del Tesoro is a small cave discovered in 1970 by Mr. Giorgio Valle of the “Gruppo Archeologico Romano“, a volunteers association operating in Rome from 1960s in the field of cultural heritage and archaeology. This cave is located along the North-East slope of Mt. Amiata (1738m), few meters above the provincial road n°81 and approximately 3.5km before the summit of the mountain. 

This rock art site is located very close to the rock formation locally called “Dante’s profile”, a majestic trachytic outcrop that resembles the head of the Italian poet and writer Dante Alighieri.

The entrance of Grotta del Tesoro rock art site (photo from Facebook - Amiata Video e Foto)

Grotta del Tesoro rock art figures

The rock art repertoire of Grotta del Tesoro is composed by 3 paintings in black color: 2 black dots and 1 semi-schematic anthropomorphic figure, standing in frontal view and holding on the left a bow with arrow. 

This rock art was first analyzed by Dr. Biancofiore and subsequently by Dr. Priuli who proposed a chronology between Copper age and Bronze age. On the contrary, Dr. Negroni referred this figure to the “late protohistoric age”.

The Grotta del Tesoro rock art (drawing from Bonaventura 1997)
The rock art of Grotta del Tesoro (photo from
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