Riparo Cristina

Lazio - Terracina (Latina)

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Riparo Cristina is a limestone rock shelter with rock art figures discovered by Piero Ceruleo and Marcello Zei in the 1980s.

General view of Riparo Cristina in the 1980s (from Ceruleo - Zei 1984)

The rock art

The rock art consists of one anthropomorphic figure and one illegible inscription which is interpreted by Ceruleo and Zei as the signature of the rock art artist. According to the authors, the contemporary of the rock art figure and the iscription is suggested by the patina. They also suggested that the iscription is written by using the so-called Caroline minuscule script which developed as a calligraphic standard in medieval Europe. For this reason, according to Ceruleo and Zei the rock art figure and the iscription can be dated to medieval time.

Riparo Cristina, the rock art figures according to Ceruleo and Zei 1984



Ceruleo, Piero; Zei, Marcello

La figura umana del Riparo Cristina (M. Ausoni - Latina) Journal Article

In: Studi per l’Ecologia del Quaternario, vol. 6, pp. 125-127, 1984.



2 in black colour



Rock shelter dimensions

not provided


not provided

Altitude of the entrances

250m a.s.l.

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